Multi-phase inclusions

All possible combinations of inclusions with more than three different phases at room temperature are classified as multi-phase inclusions. Such inclusions are quite rare in nature. Some examples of inclusions of this type can be the following:

  • Inclusions with more than one different daughter mineral phases, plus water and vapor bubble. In this case, two or more different dissolved compounds are precipitated from the trapped fluid inside the inclusion cavity.
  • Two immiscible liquids, plus solid phase and gas bubble. For example, in many inclusions containing water and petroleum, also solid carbon hydrates can be observed (bitumen particles), floating in the water, in addition to the gas bubble.

Multi-phase inclusion in quartz from Pakistan, with yellow petroleum, small amount of water in the lower right part, solid bitumen particles and vapor bubble. Field of view 7 mm.


Another example of multi-phase inclusion, also in quartz from Pakistan, with liquid petroleum, gas bubble and two additional phases, probably both corresponding to solid hydrocarbons – black dots and needles forming a star. Field of view 4 mm.