"Tiger stripes" inclusions in amethyst (SOLD)

Weight: 6.91 ct
Size: 15.2 x 11.6 x 6.6 mm


Amethyst with typical inclusions in form of “tiger stripes” (o “zebra stripes”) which are very frequent in natural amethysts with Brazilian-law twinning.
Despite such inclusions were also experimentally obtained in synthetic hydrothermally grown amethysts, they are highly indicative for natural origin of amethyst. Also, they cannot be observed in any other kind of gemstone.
The cavities that form each “stripe” are so tiny that it’s impossible to be sure about the phase filling of these inclusions. Only in very few cases in larger cavities two-phase liquid-vapor or single-phase liquid filling can be observed.
Fantastic sample for collectors and gemology students!

Cut: oval cabochon
Origin: Brazil