Muscovite inclusions in quartz

Weight: 18.60 g
Size: 31.8 x 27.7 x 24.0 mm


This is a very curious sample. On the base we have a larger quartz crystal covered by a thick layer of muscovite. From one of the rhombohedron faces of this quartz, another smaller quartz crystal is growing. This quartz of later generation is perfectly formed, and it follows completely the orientation of the larger quartz of its base. Between two quartzes, a thin layer of muscovite flakes is trapped exactly on the border between two quartzes. The layer of trapped muscovite is much thinner than that covering the quartz in the base, and single flakes of muscovite are just perfect for the observation through totally clean quartz!  In other similar samples from Panasqueira, later quartz usually covers all the crystal on the base, forming muscovite phantoms, but this sample is different.

Sample type: unpolished crystal
Origin: Panasqueira, Portugal