Multiphase inclusions in quartz

Weight: 38.55 ct
Size: 30.4 x 13.0 x 12.4 mm


Here are some VERY unusual inclusions! Cavities in a form of negative crystals in quartz with very interesting phase filling – they have liquid phase, black solid phase (clots of particles on the bottom of cavities) and also black floating phase, always on the top of cavities if you move the stone (see animation below and use the arrows to “rotate” the sample).

We suggest it’s also the same black solid particles, probably bitumen particles, adhered to air bubbles (may be due to some hydrocarbon around the bubble). They always still on the top of cavities if you move the stone, and the other solid phase on the bottom.

Really unique sample for gemologists, micromount and inclusions collectors!

Color: colorless quartz, inclusions with black particles
Cut: not cut, natural floater biterminated quartz crystal with some small damages on crystal edges and one of the points
Treatments: not treated
Origin: China ?