Gilalite inclusions in quartz (SOLD)

Weight: 5.66 ct
Size: 13.9 x 10.1 x 6.8 mm


Gilalite inclusions in quartz from Brazil, also known as “paraiba quartz” and “medusa quartz”.
Fantastic sample for gemologists, micromount and inclusions collectors!

Color: colorless quartz with blue gilalite inclusions
Cut: oval fancy cut, with large table specially for inclusions observation
Origin: Brazil






The name Paraiba Quartz (aka Medusa Quartz) is a reference to the very nice tonality of the Blue Gilalite inclusions similar to the typical neon colors of the Tourmalines from Paraiba, Brazil, not to the original location. These inclusions are described in Gems & Gemology as “Medusa Quartz with Gilalite inclusions, in the Fall 2005 issue, Volume 41.