Calcite and yellow fluid inclusions in quartz

Weight: 176.67 g
Size: 74.1 x 42.8 x 35.7 mm


This is a curious sample. It has three different inclusion types: fine rutile needles in all the volume, transparent colorless rhombohedrons of calcite and empty rhombohedrons filled with yellow hydrocarbon fluid with large bubbles. We suppose that part of initial calcite inclusions were dissolved by fluids posterior to the formation of this quartz. These fluids could take advantage of rutile needles (maybe partially dissolved too) for circulation. Later, all the voids were filled by yellow liquid hydrocarbon. This way we have in the same crystal some intact primary calcite inclusions and also some “false negative crystals” that now are cavities filled by later hydrocarbons.

Sample type: polished crystal
Origin: Brazil