Hollandite inclusions in quartz

Weight: 4.10 ct
Size: 11.2 x 9.8 x 8.5 mm


Spectacular star inclusions of hollandite in Quartz
Hollandite needles near to the culet, reflecting in pavilion facets.
Fantastic sample for gemologists, micromount and inclusions collectors!

Color: colorless quartz with black hollandite inclusions
Cut: fancy cut, specially faceted to show these fantastic star-shaped inclusions
Origin: Ambositra, Madagascar






From all quartz crystals with hollandite inclusions from Madagascar, very few are suitable for faceting to show inclusions. Most of the crystals lack of transparency and/or the hollandite stars are very shallow inside the quartz. This sample was selected for cutting from a great number of crystals with hollandite stars. hollandite inclusions.

These inclusions are described in Gubelin & Koivula Photoatlas vol. 2 page 610.

Rough material:

Hollandite in quartz rough